St. Joseph Township votes in favor of replacing water mains

St. Joseph, Mich. -- The St. Joseph Township board voted unanimously to dig up and replace all of the water mains on Lydia Drive and Brunn Avenue.  A 200,000 dollar project. The neighborhood has been plagued with water main breaks for years.  

Homeowners have lost a lot of sleep and thousands of dollars because of the flooding problems. However, Monday night, they could not have been happier. "It’s a great step in the right direction, i know that maybe by the first of September I’ll be sleeping again." said Valerie Bomberger, a homeowner on Lydia Drive who has experienced a tremendous amount of flooding.

Neighbors are amazed that what started as an uphill battle with the township and the city, has been resolved so quickly. "I was surprised that in 30 days that this township was willing to step up and do what i was hoping they would do." said Bomberger.

The township will use enterprise funds set aside for emergencies to fix this problem. The project is set to start at the end of summer or early this fall; roads and yards will be dug up but neighbors say it is a small price to pay.

Valerie Bomberger is one neighbor who has been along for this whole ride,  she says she thanks ABC 57 for bringing attention to this issue and getting this problem solved quickly.

"My life has taught me to not lay down when something happens to you, because if you don’t fight for yourself no one else is going to.  if you are in this situation, and need help, do not take no for an answer."



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