State Police in Lowell receive “Smile Bags” from sixth grader

LOWELL, Ind. – Troopers with the Indiana State Police in Lowell were in for a treat on Friday when Addison Brown presented them with 60 “Smile Bags” – an effort aimed at bringing smiles to children involved traumatic events where law enforcement or first responders have been called.

Addison proposed the idea after she heard about hearing about a personal difficulty one of her classmates was going through.

She felt that her friend could use a smile and she decided to reach out to those who needed someone to help get through their situations.

6 local law enforcement agencies have received Smile Bags, and contained within them are a dry erase board, a marker, Kleenex, a small book, a toy and a personal note of encouragement hand-written by Addison.

State Troopers will carry the bags with them and hand them out when they are needed.

Addison was presented with a District #13 Challenge Coin and patches as a token of our appreciation.

For more information on Addison’s project, visit Addison’s website.

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