Storm cleanup continues on south side

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Storm clean up continues on South Bend's south side where strong winds knocked down trees, power lines and utility poles Tuesday night. Utility crews and residents are working hard to get things back to normal.

Thursday, Woodmont Street resident Robert Martin saw his property for the first time since Tuesday night's severe winds.

"I live on the north side of town and I'm just doing a little bit of work on this house and quite surprised,” said Martin.

The top of a tree is sticking straight out of his roof.

"It went right through it,” said Martin.

It's not just his roof he's worried about. Like many of his neighbors, snapped trees litter martin's backyard.

"Lots of big trees down. Lots of work. They're doing a good job. We have power back now but just a lot of the really big trees are down,” said neighbor Mary Smith.

Utility crews and tree removal companies lined the streets of the neighborhood trying to make a dent in the overwhelming cleanup.

"The trees that are down go every different direction, mine are going this way, my neighbors’ are going that way,” said Martin.

The damage is mostly contained to the neighborhood.

Residents are grateful no one was hurt.

"Everybody's fine. That's the best part,” said Smith.

Utility crews are still putting up replacement utility poles.

AEP is still estimating that the 100 or so people without power should have it back by about 8 Thursday night.

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