Storm debris traps drivers in cars

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Hundreds of branches fell near Douglas and Fir during Monday evening's storms. Some of those branches were much bigger and actually trapped three cars underneath them with six people inside.

"It happened so quickly, you didn't have time to think," said Joe Ciszczon.

Debris littered Fir Road after storms whipped through St. Joseph County.

"We saw some of the trees turning and whipping around, there were two or three cars ahead of us," said Ciszczon.

Joe Ciszczon was driving his wife and two family members home when the storms hit.

And when heavy machinery pulled away a giant tree branch, that's when you could see what really stopped them in their tracks. Tree branches came crashing down on their car and two others.

"All of the glass came down and everybody just sort of screamed, however I just thought ok we're safe," said Ciszczon.

Safe, but stuck.

A hot power line fell on their car and the family waited as utility crews shut off the power. 

Ciszczon and his family were trapped for nearly two hour.

"Thank goodness, thank god we were lucky. I mean really lucky, and sometimes you don't realize how lucky you are," he said.

Ciszczon told ABC57 that he and his wife were celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary and while he said he and his wife may not be willing to get back into the car to celebrate, he said this morning he is just happy everyone is ok.

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