Streven Distilling company makes hand sanitizer

NOW: Streven Distilling company makes hand sanitizer

WARSAW, Ind. -- A local distillery that usually makes spirits is now lifting spirits up!

Streven Distilling company has been open since 2016 and is known for their house gin and vodka.

However, once the coronavirus pandemic set in they switched things over to hand sanitizer instead.

“Admittedly I was one of the people a month ago that thought this whole thing was going to blow over" says owner, Mitch Miller, "Or if not, I thought production would ramp up for big hand sanitizer producers.”

So when stores still had empty shelves and production issues, the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau or TTB realized how distilleries would be a great asset.

“Once they came out with that announcement that they were really waving that additional paperwork that would normally be in place for a hand sanitizer producer and they gave us the guidelines on how to do it— we made the decision okay we have approval now we can do it" says Miller.

This made sense being a key ingredient for hand sanitizer is needed for making your favorite spirits as well! 

“The active ingredient in hand sanitizer that distilleries have access to is ethanol" says Miller, "which would be the base for our gin and vodka products.”

So for now their tanks are filling a new need.

Strevens is donating and selling their hand sanitizer to local businesses like the YMCA who acquired 15 gallons.
"Even being in Warsaw with the large orthopedic manufacturing community, even the bigger companies have struggled to get it" says Miller.
While things are at a stand still for Streven's spirits, they are choosing to lift up the communities spirits instead by making an essential good available while simultaneously bringing attention to other local businesses in need.

Miller says the distillery is a hobby and part time job for him so he will be okay through this, but he knows for others in the restaurants and bars he works with, they will be struggling to stay afloat.
"They have got to be struggling" says Miller "So keep supporting those local businesses through carry out and whatever else they can do so hopefully they all come out of this and get back to normal soon.”
If you are interested, the Streven Distilling Company is located on Center Lake at 733 N Detroit St. Warsaw, IN 46580.
They will be selling 12 ounce bottles and full gallon jugs of liquid hand sanitizer for $7 and $65 each respectively.

Miller says he has heard the immense need from his community, families with immune-compromised members or even essential workers who are fighting to stay safe while at work, and this is the need that keeps him and the company making more.

"We had over the road truck drivers that came by and said hey were driving we don’t have access to restroom facilities all the time you know everywhere from home health workers that struggle to get it" says Miller "So yeah it’s pretty cool we can do that and there’s a lot of things you don’t think about all the time that people definitely need it.”

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