String of 50s to make for highly unusual end to 2019

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- We hope you're not a fan of cold or snow because the ending to 2019 will feature the exact opposite in Michiana and much of the region.

Temperature pattern through December 28th.
The pattern through roughly the 28th will be very quiet and unusually warm for most of the eastern two-thirds of the country. That, of course, includes us here in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

We'll also see an abnormally high amount of sunshine for this time of year through Christmas Day before things get a bit more cloudy by the 26th. 

We're talking high temperatures a degree or two on either side of 50°F each and every afternoon through the day after Christmas. 

That in itself is very unusual, but that stretch paired with sun is simply something that doesn't happen.

Let's take Christmas Day as an example to break down this unusually mild weather. Our meteorologists are forecasting a high temperature of 49° on Christmas with partly cloudy skies.

Compare that to Halloween when we hit 44° and had snow falling. Or compare it to Thanksgiving when we barely got to 40 degrees.

Or you can compare it to what we should see for a high temperature on Christmas Day. That would be 33 degrees. 

So we're going to be a whopping 16 degrees above normal on a day that most people prefer to see cold and snow. Not only that, but it'll wind up being the warmest Christmas in 37 years if we do in fact reach 49°! 

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