Students invite ABC57 to TV production class, show broadcasting skills

South Bend High School students are coming together for Audio/Video Production class at Riley High School to learn all about broadcast journalism.

“We have students from all four high schools. If you come in as a junior you have a chance in two years to acquire nine college credits and we teach the art and business of audio and video production,” said Douglas Story, Audio/Video Production Teacher at Riley High School.

And on Tuesday, they invited ABC57 to help.

“I just wanna make projects that I can show to colleges and I think the most exciting thing I get to do I got to interview the Mayor last month for one of them and that was like the first interview I’ve done so I was kinda nervous,” said Abby Crothers, a student in the Audio/Video Production class.

Students tell us they get to experience each position…

“Despite what many people say I really liked running the prompter and directing was alright for me I thought it was a lot more fun than what it was going to be at first,” C.J. Garber, a student in the Audio/Video Production class.

And they even created a newscast for practice.

“Ultimately it’s their creativity and their vision, that’s what I like to see is what they finally come up with,” said Story.

So we surprised the students with a special request. We asked them to put their talents to the test and show off their interviewing skills.

“What level of sports do you particularly like, both of you?” “For me college sports are the best, there’s more passion there,” said Brandon Pope, Weekend Morning Anchor and Multi-Media Journalist for ABC57 News.

But their teacher says his ultimate goal is to see them use their skills no matter where they go.

“You’ve got a chance to go out of here in precision machinery, audio/video, criminal justice, so many opportunities for south bend kids,” said Story.

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