Superintendent addresses field trip controversy at school board meeting

The superintendent for South Bend Schools says everyone will be included in future field trips. The decision came after parents complained about field trips for third graders that were only for African American students.

The trips were part of the “Mindset Initiative," designed to motivate black third grade students to go to college.

The trips were set up by Dr. G. David Moss, the Director for African-American Student/Parent Services with the South Bend Community Schools Corporation.

Some parents were upset that the field trips were only for African American students.

Parents took to Facebook to express their frustration. “…sad that this happened in this day in age…especially to 3rd grade students.”

Another one stated: “It's a great idea to take the students to different college's to inspire them to go when they graduate high school but inviting only one race or planning for one certain type people is ridiculous.”

Even though no parents attended the School Board meeting Monday night, Superintendent Carol Schmidt commented about changing the field trip program.

Superintendent Schmidt said she is going to work with the Department of African-American studies within the school system to make sure something like this does not happen again.

“To ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in the future. We also have in place a process of review, so that we can avoid circumstances like this in the future,” said Dr. Schmidt.

One of the parents who originally brought this trip to our attention declined to speak to us because they told us the school district apologized and that was good enough.

As for Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Moss, they both declined comment to our cameras after the meeting.
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