Technology helped South Bend woman lose 215 pounds

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A South Bend woman is proof that technology can help people lose weight. Tracy Meuschke lost more than 100 pounds using a free online program called Sparkpeople. In total, she has lost 215 pounds.

The busy mom says Sparkpeople helped her learn to balance diet and exercise in her everyday life.

Meuschke took on the weight loss challenge for her kids.

"That was one of my main motivations, I didn't want to be the parent sitting on the sidelines,” said Meuschke.

She says being active with them is very important to her and her health.

"We don't call it a workout because you're playing with your kids, but it's still getting something done and not watching them play. Get involved with them playing,” said Meuschke.

Meuschke has struggled with her weight since she was a little girl.

"When I was twelve, I weighed 255 pounds. So this is very foreign to me to be anything under 200,” said Meuschke.

Now 158 pounds, Meuschke says she couldn't have done it as quickly or as easily without Sparkpeople.

"Being able to not have to carry something around and write down everything, being able to have my Sparkpeople app and just logging my food in as I eat it or right before I eat it helps so much,” said Meuschke.

Now she says it's her calling to help others get fit.

"Whenever I see people working out or anything I just want to run alongside them and cheer them on and say you can do this! You got this! So that's my purpose. I want to inspire others,” said Meuschke.

Meuschke says she's more than happy to give advice or answer any questions. You can like her fitness page on Facebook
Or message her through Her username is tracy31502.

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