Teens speak out after losing their father to COVID-19

NOW: Teens speak out after losing their father to COVID-19


SOUTH BEND, Ind.—Humorous, intelligent, loyal, star wars admirers, and a loving father, are words that friends and family members describe Jeffrey Munn, who recently passed from COVID-19.

“He was just funny, he was interesting, I’m not really good with words but ya know he was just a smart, nice, funny guy,” Jeffrey’s son Oliver Munn said.

His children, Oliver and Roberta Munn, reflected on their favorite memories with their dad.

“I was like really young and I was whining about a bath toy or something and he was like ‘it’s just a stupid piece of plastic’ like, and he wasn’t being mean it was just like you know, a funny little interaction,” Oliver said.

“I have a faint memory of like playing Webkinz on his laptop or something,” Roberta said.

Munn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and for the last 6 years lived in a nursing home in Texas, and just days ago passed away after contracting the coronavirus.

To honor his memory, Oliver and Roberta asked that others take steps to protect themselves so that they can protect others from the virus.

“Wear a mask in public places and just try to stay home when you can like if you have to go out for work and you can’t afford to miss your work like I get that,” Roberta said. “But if you can afford to stay home as often as possible, and wear a mask, then you should be doing that so that you can protect yourself, your family and just people In general.”

They said that the simple task of just wearing a mask can make a huge difference, and can save a life.

“It’s not a sign of your freedom or something to not do it, it’s pretty selfish. It’s a sign that you value yourself over others so why wouldn’t you just wear a mask,” Oliver said. “It’s not that hard to be considerate to other people at all, it’s so simple! Just stay home, wear a piece of cloth over your face and you could save someone’s life.”

Oliver and Roberta hope that sharing the story of the loss of their father can continue to bring awareness on the importance of following CDC guidelines, especially since the pandemic is still an ongoing battle.

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