The City of Elkhart opened Roosevelt Park back to the public

ELKHART, Ind. -- Roosevelt Park in Elkhart is back open after the city finished new renovations.

These equipment upgrades are in line with the city’s ongoing project to revitalize all neighborhood parks in Elkhart.

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson says these upgrades will certainly have an impact on Elkhart students living close to the park.

“Over 40-50% of the school age kids that go to Elkhart Community Schools are within a mile’s radius of this park. So, the rooftops that this park serves is tremendous and the kids that are in those areas around here, benefit from recreation and amenities like this, the families do as well. We are very excited about upgrading this park,” said Mayor Roberson.

A QR code is also available for visitors to fill out a survey that will notify the Elkhart Parks Department on where the focus should be for the parks in the future.

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