The hunt continues for a missing 12-year-old girl in Middlebury

NOW: The hunt continues for a missing 12-year-old girl in Middlebury


A silver alert has been declared for a missing 12-year-old girl in Middlebury, who is believed to be in great danger.

The Elkhart County Sherriff's Office is asking for help finding Aleeyah Cockburn.

The 80 pound 4'11 girl with green eyes, short black hair, and glasses was last seen Friday Night outside her family home near State Road 120 and State Road 13 in Middlebury, playing with her horses, wearing a pink multicolored jacket, black beanie, and muck boots. 

At first, officials thought she may have run away, but her family doesn't know why she would leave the property, where she loves the animals and just received a new horse to share with her sister. 

"she was wearing muck boots… because she loved her horses.. she's a very friendly girl…. Sometimes quieter than normal--- but she's a good kid with a good heart……please help us bring her home" said Virginia Cockburn, the girl's legal guardian. 

The family is doing everything they can, hosting search events all around the area, handing out thousands of flyers, and administering this Facebook group. They still found time to express gratitude to the overwhelming amount of support from the community, and the Sherriff's office, while living in what they described as their worst nightmare. 

"and we couldn’t be anymore thankful for all the support… that we've gotten for it.. we just hope we can do anything we can to bring Aleeyah home.. safe.. and unharmed," said Crystal Reynolds who put the group together. 

But, they know they're work is not done yet and they have not lost hope. 

"we'll never give up… were gonna keep searching.. family.. cousins.. aunts… were gonna be strong until we find you Aleeyah.. we love you," said Cockburn. 

Anyone with information is advised to call the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office at 574-533-4151. 

The family is also asking if anyone has the time to search, hang flyers, or fly drones over wooded areas please do, any effort helps. 

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