The last rain of 2023 ends today

NOW: The last rain of 2023 ends today

ABC57 First Warning Neighborhood Weather ForecastFriday, December 29, 2023

The cloudy, wet conditions persist into today although to a lesser extent than we saw on Thursday. Expect overcast skies, a slight drizzle throughout the day, and highs in the bottom 40s. Michiana falls to just around freezing tonight for most areas as partly cloudy skies take over. The sun makes a reappearance on Saturday with mild highs yet again for one last day of sunshine before the year closes. New Years Eve will be filled with more clouds as light snow flurries begin developing in the afternoon as we reach our meek highs in the mid 30s early in the day. The flurries turn to lake effect snow showers overnight when we enter 2024, although at this point travel impacts will be minimal for our area on both Sunday and Monday.

Today: Overcast with a drizzle of rain. High 42.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 32. 

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 42.

Sunday: Flurries. High 36.

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