The Lerner Theatre goes on with show after threats

Two weeks ago, a person left a threatening message on the voice mail of a Lerner Theatre employee. The person threatened to commit mass murder at the next concert.

That concert went on as planned Saturday night.

Elkhart Police say they have the suspect in custody, but still called for heightened security the Elkhart Symphony Orchestra show.

Officials at The Lerner Theatre say they were very thankful for the added help from the police department.

“We feel so blessed as a community to have such fine officers looking out for us and being able to respond in times like these,” said Trevor Wendzonka, Lerner Theatre’s Marketing Director.

Sergeant Chris Snyder with the Elkhart Police Department says he's happy his team acted quickly and took the suspect into custody but he still thought that added security was necessary.

"We would rather err on the side of caution. We upped our patrols a little bit around this area, we had a couple extra officers working inside,” said Snyder.

Although it was the first concert since the threat was made, it's not the first event.

On September 3rd, middle & high school students filled the theater for an event, and management says it was a success.

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