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The Mongo Murders Podcast 2: Strange behavior

MONGO, Ind. – In the evening of October 21st, 2005, Terry and Darleen Anderson, 59 and 57, were brutally beaten to death at their rural LaGrange County home. Their 20-year-old daughter, Amanda, found Darleen the following morning. She was on her couch, with a bowl of popcorn next to her. Police later found Terry in his pole-barn. Both suffered blunt force trauma. Several items were stolen during the crime, including guns and coins.

Since 2011, investigators have maintained they believe they know who committed the crimes. He is in prison for another murder, however no charges have ever been filed. Family members and friends are critical of that theory.

In this episode, the Anderson's son-in-law gives his first hand account of the gruesome scene.

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Angus 424 days ago
Amanda had a LOT of suspicious activity after the murders. At the funeral, when she talked to a newspaper that was covering it, she was quoted as saying she was going to remodel the house like her parents wanted to. There was never talk of remodeling the house, the house was just fine. And that's what she's thinking of at her parents funeral? She also took YEARS to get a headstone for her parent's grave. The family also have her diary, left behind when she lost the house (which was trashed. So much for remodeling.) In the diary she talked repeatedly of wanting her parents dead, especially her father. She said she hated them. Lots of violent entries regarding her parents. Ask Sherry, she can tell you. Amanda also failed a lie detector test. And she also shunned the rest of the family after the funerals. She ostracized them for no apparent reason. She told people she got into drugs to cope with the murders, but as you reported, she had started well before that and her dad found out and it led to a fight. Robbery was only a minor motive for these murders, the nature of the murders was VERY personal by the people who did it, with an insane amount of rage involved. Amanda might not have been there, but there's good reason so many people believed she was involved.
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