The Pride Divide: Panel discussion on LGBTQ+ rights in Indiana

Jena Stopczynski / ABC57 News

As the Indiana legislatures pass an increasing number of new laws impacting the LGBTQ+ community, ABC57 News brings together a panel of experts, advocates, and stakeholders to dive into The Pride Divide.

In this one-hour conversation, ABC57 explores the issues involving education, mental health, and gender transition.

Our panel, moderated by ABC57 NightTeam Anchor Tim Spears:

Chris Daley, Executive Director, ALCU of Indiana

Corinna Cohn, Activist advocating for restrictions on gender-affirming care for minors, regrets their own transition surgery

Emma Vosicky, Executive Director, GenderNexus

H.R. Jung, Executive Director, The LGBTQ Center

Nathiel Clawson, Transgender Advocacy Director

Spencer Pride, The parent of a transgender child

Zoe O'Haillin-Berne, Director of Engagement, Indiana Youth Group

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