The River: A Real Time Investigation, Podcast 1

It started in May of 1991 with the mysterious death of 16-year-old Eric McGinnis. The bodies of at least 6 African-American residents of Benton Harbor have turned up in the St. Joseph River. Police ruled most of the deaths accidental drownings. But, family members and community activists fear something more sinister is happening and are now calling for an investigation by the FBI.

ABC57 News Anchor Brian Conybeare and Investigative Reporter Clifton French spent months researching the cases; going over thousands of police reports and autopsies, as well as speaking with detectives, the victims’ families and those pushing for an independent review.

This podcast was recorded on the road outside of Chicago, while Brian and Clifton were traveling for interviews. They will take you behind the scenes as our team works to find the truth about what really happened and whether any of the cases will be reopened.

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