Three Rivers Police Department warning of suspicious men

NOW: Three Rivers Police Department warning of suspicious men

Three Rivers, Mich. -- The Three Rivers Police Department is warning residents to be aware of their surroundings after two women were approached earlier this week by suspicious men. 

The first incident happened on Sunday. A woman told police she was walking, with her infant, along the River Trail at Skidmore Park. She saw a white male with dirty blonde hair and a goatee playing with a knife while sitting on a bench with a stroller next to him. The woman said the man then approached her, asking to see her baby. When she said she needed to leave, the man then followed her in a black Dodge pickup truck. This continued until the corner of S. Lincoln Ave. and South St. 

Donna Chapman is a Three Rivers' resident. Her backyard is Skidmore Park.

“I really can’t imagine how she felt because that’s really scary," Chapman said. 

She heard about the suspicious situations through social media.

"In a little town like this, it is very scary. You wouldn’t think something like this would happen," Chapman said. 

She also frequently shops where another suspicious situation took place. 

Police say yesterday, a white male with brown hair approached a woman in the parking lot of the Walgreens on Millard Street. The man tried to coax the woman into a vehicle. He said there was a sheriff inside the vehicle. 

Instead the woman called 911. 

Officer Anthony Fuller, with the Three Rivers Police Department responded to that call and the one on Sunday. 

"In a suspicious situation, you really don't know what you're walking into," Fuller said. 

Fuller added this isn't common in a small town like Three Rivers. However, it's the perfect reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. 

“Walk in pairs, groups, we want to  make sure you guys are always vigilant of your surroundings. Always have a cell phone. And don’t be glued to it looking at Facebook," Fuller said. 

Three Rivers Police Department said the investigations are ongoing. However they do not believe the incidents are related. They received different suspect descriptions. 

Anyone with any information is asked to call Three Rivers Police Department at (269)278-1235.

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