Tik Tok trend inspiring acts of vandalism at schools

NOW: Tik Tok trend inspiring acts of vandalism at schools

GOSHEN, Ind -- The new nation-wide Tik Tok trend, that has kids stealing, is now happening locally in Michiana.

The trend is called "Devious Lick".

This trend challenging parents and teachers to now enforce rules due to damage in the schools.

One parent telling me she found out about it from her son.

"I was informed that this new Tik Tok video, viral trend right now is where kids area stealing everything they can from the bathrooms," said parent Erin Eggers.

The trend happening not only impacting schools nationally but right here in Michiana.

"Breaking the dispensers which then costs us about thirty dollars each dispenser. We are asking for parents to pay that dollar amount back," said Goshen High School Assistant Principal Cathy DeMeyers.

Parents tell me that due to the stealing schools are making adjustments while being understaffed.

"The schools are having to make some accommodations very quickly. They’re not closing the bathrooms off but they’re having to have groups of kids go in at a time. Teachers are having to go in and check," said Eggers.

Since the trend has made it to Michiana, parents are sharing their thoughts on Facebook stating how unhappy they are.

"We’ve had some parents that have fully supported our punishment which so far has been suspension. We also have been reaching out to parents and students," said DeMeyers.

Schools have also mentioned that following the trend can lead to legal action against students but they prefer not to go that extreme.

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