Tom's meaty birthday treat

Happy Birthday, Tom!

To celebrate his 28th year, he requested meatloaf cupcakes.

Now, before you crinkle up your nose and think it is disgusting, it is not really a cupcake.

They are more like mini meatloafs with mashed potato "frosting".  No sugar, nothing sweet.  It is just meatloaf baked in a cupcake tin.

They turned out really well, and were pretty easy to make!  The most time consuming part of the whole thing was cutting up the veggies!

I did make the mashed potatoes from scratch, but I was doing that while the meatloaf was cooking.

The weirdest part for me was piping on the mashed potatoes which were still warm.  It is a strange feeling to have "warm icing"  I am so used to the pastry bag being cold!

Everyone had nice things to say about them, and they would be great for kids!  They do look pretty!!

Here is the recipe if you would like to try!


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