Trading on New York Stock Exchange resumes

After a nearly four hour long shut down, trading on the New York Stock Exchange has resumed.

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange was suspended on Wednesday afternoon.

The company cited a computer glitch as its reason for the outage.

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Bryon Tutton said he has received a number of phone calls from concerned clients.

 “This is modern industry. They always have back up plans. Things happen and they have contingencies,” said Tutton.

Tutton said investors shouldn’t worry.

Although the New York Stock Exchange was shut down for hours, trading continued on other exchanges.

He said long time investors shouldn’t be affected by these short term shut downs.

“The best thing to do if you’re investing is to buy quality investments and hold on to them for a longer period of time. Because the fact that it’s hard to figure out what the markets going to do from day to day. It’s best to look for high quality investments, buy them and stay with them,” Tutton explained. 

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