Trial for murder of South Bend veteran continues

NOW: Trial for murder of South Bend veteran continues

Jabreeh Davis-Martin is before a jury for the murder of Jodi Henderson last year.

Prosecution witnesses claim the defendant returned to beat veteran a second time.

The witnesses, who testified in the trial Wednesday, say they were hanging out with Davis-Martin after he allegedly beat Henderson a first time.

They say the suspect was bragging about it.

The two told the jury that they then drove back to the crime scene, where Henderson was laying on Soren Street, helpless but still alive.

The witnesses say Davis-Martin beat and kicked Henderson some more, and called his mother to ask her to hide and clean evidence.

Those were just two of several witnesses to take the stand Wednesday.

Jodie Henderson, a South Bend veteran, was found dead, beaten and frozen in South Bend in January 2016.

Investigators claim Jabreeh Davis-Martin beat Henderson to death because Henderson was gay.

Two more former jail mates of Davis-Martin testified Wednesday.

They say the defendant admitted to the crime he’s now on trial for.

Both say the suspect used homophobic slurs to describe the victim, and claimed he killed him, all because Henderson was making Davis-Martin look gay.

There was slightly different than testimony Tuesday from another former inmate who claims Davis-Martin admitted he actually had a sexual relationship with Henderson.

The rest of the Wednesday focused on forensic evidence.

The pathologist who performed the autopsy testified that Henderson died of the beating he took, but the cold weather and alcohol contributed.

Graphic autopsy photos showed several cuts to Henderson’s head, and injuries all over his body.

A forensic scientist said Davis-Martin’s shoes matched footprints found in the snow at the crime scene.

The defense questioned the scientist’s credibility.

Henderson’s DNA was found at several spots at the crime scene.

The trial continues Thursday.

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