Truck driver in jail after hitting historic bridge

DEKALB Co., Ind. -- An Indiana truck driver learned the hard way why it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and not solely trusting a GPS.

Police say the semi driver crossed the historic covered bridge over the St. Joseph River even though it is not strong enough to handle semi trucks. There was another stronger bridge nearby the GPS did not register it.

He made it through safely but not without leaving a lot of damage behind.

"It's unreal when you walk inside and see the beams laying around and the rod," said Pat Hollman, a Spencerville resident. "It's, It's, I don't know our hearts are telling us it's going to get redone but when you see it, I don't know."

The bridge floor is still intact but officials say it is unsafe and will be until further notice.

The truck driver is in jail and faces criminal mischief charges.

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