Truck driver relives gas tank explosion, reunites with three special women

NOW: Truck driver relives gas tank explosion, reunites with three special women

ROCHESTER, Ind. -- After the horrible explosion of a Good Oil Gas tanker on the U.S.31 Bypass Monday morning, the truck driver is now speaking out.

On Tuesday, Don Good, the owner of Good Oil asked for ABC57's help in coordinating a very special reunion.

The driver of the gas tanker, Mike Biyers, had wanted help in finding three women who stopped and comforted him as he watched his tanker go up in flames.

It looks like just a typical Good to Go gas station in Rochester, with cars lining up to fill up their tanks.

But in the parking lot, three women anxiously awaited the arrival of one special man. 

"We saw a semi pulled over and as we approached it, Haven and I looked over and there was fire underneath the back left tire," recalls Callie Katzenberger. "We said, "sir do you need any help? He cried and said please, please help me. Please help me."

Seconds later, the tanker exploded into flames, melting into nothing, and destroying parts of the highway.

Jillian Stanley, Haven Fowler and Katzenberger stayed with Biyers until emergency crews arrived.

"This was something natural that we should be doing," says Katzenberger. "It's not like we're heroes or anything."

"Anyone should have done it and no one did," explains Fowler. 

"It's weird. There were cars passing by and no one stopped," adds Stanley.

None of the women understood the immense impact of their actions, or why Good or Biyers were intent on finding them. 

"We're being rewarded for something that I think is an obvious thing that should have been done," says Katzenberger. "I'm just ready to meet Mike."

"I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart," says Biyers, and he embraced each girl.

It ws a heartfelt reunion filled with lots of tears and lots of thanks.

"The flames were up and over the trailer and I decided it was my time to be safe," recalls Biyers. "They just made me come to realize, material things can be replaced but Mike is still here to talk about it."

Biyers was filled with emotion as he continuously thanked the girls for what they did. 

"Back in the day, you stopped for everybody because everybody stopped for you," he explains. "But now that I get to meet them, it makes my life complete that they were able to stop and give me some relief and help me realize that despite this situation, I'm here and I'm alive."

And now, a long-lasting friendship, forced under the face of one ferocious fire.

"I hope we don't become strangers and I hope some day we cross paths again," Biyers told the girls. "I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart."

Good Oil Company is also going to be presenting the girls with some gifts, as a show of gratitude for helping their employee during such a difficult time. 

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