Good Oil Company speaks out, searches for Good Samaritans

NOW: Good Oil Company speaks out, searches for Good Samaritans

SOUTH BEND, IND. -- The race to repair the U.S. 31 bypass, after tanker explosion Monday, is well underway.

Crews are out working to re-pave the road to get it back open.

But the question still remains, about what happened leading up to the explosion.

"He heard something and looked in the mirror. He said he heard something and looked in the mirror, and there was some kind of light or flame of some kind by the rear part of the axle," explains Don Good, the President and CEO of the Good Oil Company.

It started with a pop. And then another.

"He pulled off of the side of the road and got a fire extinguisher to go back and try to get it out," he explains. "And by that time, he heard a second pop, probably a tire exploding. And the flames were just up."

Within moments, one of the nine Good Oil Company gas tankers erupted into flames.

"He was forced to stand and watch as it burns," says Good.

The driver, shaken up, but physically okay. 

"You run the risk of something like this happens, but you pray it doesn't. But you prepare for the worst and he responded pretty well to it," he adds.

Everything, he says, was done by the books.

"Safety is first. He didn't make the mistake of trying to put it out and getting hurt or killed," explains Good. 

They believe the fire started with an overheated axle.  The driver had done the mandatory check prior to leaving the Niles terminal with the gas delivery.

The damage is extensive and expensive. 

To replace the tanker, it's going to cost Good approximately $250,000. 

The company is also financially responsible for the repairs on the bypass.

"I've heard estimates of between $60,000 and $100,000," says Good. 

But they won't know for sure the true cost until the repairs are done.

Good says the cost is nothing compared to the driver's life. 

That's the same thing that three good Samaritans told the driver, as he watched the truck explode into flames.

"He was really shaken up. Then three ladies in a Ford Explorer pulled up, saw how distraught he was, and they put their arms around him and comforted him," says Good. "They told him you can replace the truck, but you can't replace yourself and your family can't replace you."

The driver continues to be touched by this kindness.

Both the driver and Good are looking for these three women so they can personally express their gratitude.]

Good says a lot of people would have kept driving or turned around, but he was impressed how people come together in times of crisis.

If anyone knows who the women are, they are asked to contact the Good Oil Company.

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