Two Elkhart women were robbed in their homes in two weeks

NOW: Two Elkhart women were robbed in their homes in two weeks

ELKHART, Ind. - Two Elkhart women—84 and 64—were robbed while they were in their own homes in the span of just two weeks. Police are still searching for suspects.

ABC 57’s Jess Arnold met the most recent victim Monday.

“It just seemed unreal, I was like, no. There’s no one up in here. They’re not that bold around here. I mean I’ve been here 64 years, are you serious?” said Alberta Lewis, the 64-year-old woman whose home was burglarized—with her in it—Friday.

Friday morning around 10 o’clock, a masked man broke into 64-year-old Lewis’s home on Hubbard Avenue.

“All of a sudden the glass shattered, and I jumped up and I went to running, and I only had one shoe on and one shoe off…I heard the door go ‘boof!’ and that’s when I knew he got in, and he stepped out and turned toward me, and did like this…and pointed the gun at me and I just went like this and backed up, didn’t say a word. He never said a word,” said Lewis.

“He came around the corner, and he was pointing the gun at me while I was holding my daughter, and he looked at me as if he was shocked and he grabbed my grandmother’s purse off the back table, and ran,” said Elektra Beachem, Lewis’s 19-year-old granddaughter who was with her when she was robbed.

They weren’t the first burglary victims this month, however.

Two Fridays back, on June 2, and just over half a mile away from Alberta, an 84-year-old woman who lives on Indiana Avenue was robbed while she was in her bedroom.

Alberta says she's lived near her for decades.

“Why do they rob her? They know she’s not able. She can’t move around like that. She’s in a wheelchair. People, they’re just heartless,” she said.

Checking her new door, Alberta says she’s still on edge three days later.

“They’re still roaming. Nobody’s acting like they seen nothing, but they see them, but they say but I’m not going to be a switch. Okay, when it’s your mama, then you think about it. Will you be a snitch then?” she said.

Elkhart police say they haven’t found evidence linking the two crimes as of now.

They’re looking for one male in relation to each crime.

The suspect in the Hubbard Avenue burglary is said to be 6’1” to 6’3”, 150 to 170 pounds, and wearing dark clothing with a mask.

If you have any tips, you’re asked to please call Elkhart City Police at (574) 295-7070.

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