Two referendums pass for School City of Mishawaka

Two referendums for School City of Mishawaka passed Tuesday.

A similar referendum failed two years ago.

The district says major improvements will begin immediately.

Danika Needham has four kids, all in the Mishawaka district.

“We need to get the funding back into the schools,” Needham said.

Needham says she’s thrilled the two referendums passed.

Majority of voters felt the same way, passing the referendums by a 72% margin.

“I’m exceedingly appreciative of the support the Mishawaka community has given to their schools,” Superintendent Dean Speicher said.

 Speicher says these referendums are completely necessary.

The first is $13 million for 15 years, and for every $100 paid in property taxes, that’s about a $0.16 increase.

It will go to fixing infrastructure and safety issues.

The other referendum should generate $1.8 million per year for 7 years, and taxpayers will pay $0.34  more for each $100 on property tax.

It will go straight to the students and teachers, funding new technology and equipment for learning and teaching.

“It means that they’re going to have up to date, the latest and the greatest technology, hardware and software” Speicher said.

Speicher says he owes the ‘yes’ votes to good old fashioned community outreach, something he promises to continue now that the improvement process is a go.

“The community engagement process will continue into the future,” Speicher said.

This way, parents like Needham, can have some input on how the money’s used on their kids’ future.

“If you take care of your kids and you take care of their education, it’s going to domino effect and it’s only going to benefit Mishawaka,” Needham said.

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