Unanswered questions about the case involving Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood's son

It's a case that raises questions and ABC57 is working to get some answers. The case happened on Oct. 28, 2022. Shortly after midnight that night Mishawaka police say they observed traffic infractions by Joe Wood while he was driving. Wood is a Mishawaka city employee and the son of Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood. Police say that when they stopped Joe Wood there was a gun on the front passenger seat, and it appeared that Wood had been drinking. They eventually called Captain Eric Beckham to the scene, and he decided that Joe Wood would be taken to his father's house. 

Wood was not tested for drunk driving and he was never cited for any of the alleged infractions.  

Late last week the Mishawaka Police Department reported that officer Beckham had taken a voluntary demotion from captain to lieutenant. Why was it voluntary and why was it necessary? There was no clarification. 

Also, on Friday last week the Mishawaka Police Department released a statement saying their investigation into this case found no substantive criminal wrongdoing. ABC57 asked why the department was allowed to investigate itself. Isn't that a conflict of interest?  Why wasn't there an investigation by the State Police or an independent organization? We asked Executive Director of Development and Government Affairs Matthew Lentsch and he said the mayor's office was not responding to those questions at this time. 

ABC57's Investigative Reporter Kevin Warmhold is working to get more answers and he had a full report tonight at 5:30. Here is a clip from the police body camera of the traffic stop in question that night.

Stay with ABC57 for continuing coverage of this story as we try to get more answers to the questions surrounding this case.

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