UPDATE: Sequester cuts to affect childhood vaccinations

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  Congress left for the weekend, leaving no room for anymore negotiation so the bill has been signed and now massive federal budget cuts will affect mandatory vaccinations for your children.

Pediatrician Dr. Charisse Johnson says it is extremely important for kids to get vaccinated.  Not just to keep them healthy, but to prevent a widespread outbreak of a serious disease.

Three thousand children in Indiana and over four thousand kids in Michigan will not be able to get their shots.

Many are in shock, "I think its very unfair because its our job to protect the babies and make sure they get the medicine we need, not everybody can afford to pay for that medicine so we've really made a mistake by not making sure that the money is available." said Mikelle Jaquish, a Mishawaka resident.

Doctors say that without the immunizations there is a chance that parents may run into problems when trying to enroll kids in school.

Now because vaccinations are so important, doctors recommend getting as many vaccinations as you can afford.

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