US 30 and US 31 corridors meeting in Warsaw

NOW: US 30 and US 31 corridors meeting in Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind. --With a plan to remake US 30 from Valparaiso to the Ohio state line, residents and drivers getting a chance to voice their opinion what they want the Indiana Department of Transportation to focus on.

Warsaw resident, Carrol Blair said: "It's really a long project. I don't think people realize how long it could be and it could be 12 to 15 years before it's even completed."

The goal is to decrease accidents and speed up travel on US 30 by potentially eliminating some or all traffic lights and creating a limited access highway with entrance and exit ramps in place of dangerous intersections.

Assistant VP ProPel, Shane Peck said: "The US 30 is an important lifeline for this part of the state. And that both is for safety reasons and for being able to get where you need to go and even if you don't drive on US 30, you're relying on it for the things you buy at the grocery store or deliveries that you have sent to your home. So ultimately, we want to do what's in the best interest of all the communities along the corridor and what is the most benefit for all the people that live in those communities."

These public meetings are just the first step in the process, as the study won't be finished until 2024.

Any potential construction would start after that.

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