U.S. Appeals Court rules ban on same-sex marriage in Indiana unconstitutional

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  The U.S. Appeals Court has ruled the ban on gay marriage in Indiana is unconstitutional.

"Through sickness and health" and "til death do us part" are common vows when you tie the knot. A sacred promise to stay together no matter what happens. 

But Linda and Mary Ponterio never though the law would get in the way like it has recently.

They were married by Deputy Mayor Mark Neal at the County City Building back in June when a judge's decision cleared the way for their nuptials.

That ruling was put on hold pending the appeal process.

In the meantime, couples who married in June have been in limbo.

"We're married again!" says Linda Ponterio after hearing the stay was lifted and their marriage was once again legal. 

They both say they're most excited about the children in their family.

"Our littlest nephew will grow up in a time where gay marriage is legal."

The two also said they're excited to just be a married couple and not worry about any more roadblocks. 

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