Valley Strong fundraiser raises over $4,000 for families affected by school bus tragedy

NOW: Valley Strong fundraiser raises over $4,000 for families affected by school bus tragedy

MENTONE, In. -- More than $4,000 was raised today for the families affected by the tragic Fulton County crash that left three children dead and a fourth injured.

Bikers from the Milwaukee Iron group out of Kokomo organized the fundraiser. After they heard about the crash, they said they knew they needed to do something to help.

“This isn’t about a motorcycle club or Milwaukee Iron, this is about people caring about people,” Scratch of Milwaukee iron said, who helped organize the fundraiser. ”Us bikers you just give us a reason to ride and we’re riding and when it’s to help someone that makes it even more better.”

Scratch and Sweet-n-Low of Milkwaukee Iron gathered around 100 bikers from Kokomo to ride out to Mentone to donate to the families of Alivia, Xzavier, Mason, and Maverick.

“What we’re doing is just bringing the money up to the fire station where needs to go,” Sweet-n-Low (Jim Lawson) said.

It’s estimated about 600 bikers from all over the Midwest came through Mentone to contribute to the cause.

“$4,000 almost is what we’ve raised,” Sweet-n-Low said. “[There’s] bikers coming up from Wabash, Warsaw, Fort Wayne, whatever it may be, they are going to meet up here throughout the day dropping their money off.”

Milwaukee Iron partnered with the Mentone Fire Department for the fundraiser, the fire station collected all the donations to be given to the families.

If you missed today’s fundraiser, you can still bring your donations to the Mentone Fire Department or any Lake City Bank.

“Today is not the end of this, today is just the start of this.” Scratch said. “If you are not able to ride here today or come here today to donate the bank and the fire station will be more than welcome to take your donation from now till whenever.”

Anyone who would like to donate can go to any Lake City Bank location and mention the account name “Mentone Fire Department Valley Strong” to make a donation.

Donations can also be dropped off at the Mentone Fire Department located at 201 W Main St, Mentone, IN 46539. Checks can also be mailed to the fire station, courtesy of Valley Strong, P.O. Box 147, Mentone, IN, 46539.

All checks should be made out to “MFD Valley Strong.”

Overall, $11,328 was raised by the end of the day.

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