Verifying Rodent Forecasts

Groundhog Day was nearly two months ago and many of the forecasting rodents are getting heat for forecasting an early spring.  It is nearly April and we are still dealing with cold temperatures and snow.

The most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, has gotten a lot of grief for his blown forecast, but there are many other forecasting groundhogs across the country!  I decided to see if any of the others were correct in their spring prediction.

Here is a list of groundhogs across the nation and their predictions:


Punxsutany Phil  (PA)     

Buckeye Chuck  (OH)    

Statan Island Chuck (NY) 

Woodstock Willie (IL)

Jimmy the Groundhog (WI)

Balzac Billy (Ontario)


General Beauregard Lee (GA)

Smith Lake Jake (AL)

Sir Walter Wally (NC)

Chuckles VII (CT)

So, it appears most of the groundhogs that called the long winter were in the southern states!  But, at least some of them were accurate!

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