Victim updates and new details in Elkhart house fire

NOW: Victim updates and new details in Elkhart house fire

ELKHART, Ind.- Two people have been treated and released from the hospital after a fire in Elkhart left a few families without a place to stay.

Elkhart Fire Chief Chad Carey says over the phone they can confirm the origin of the fire was on the first floor.

At this time they still don’t know what caused it. “No final reports on the conditions of each victim yet,” says Chief Carey. “Burns and smoke inhalation the one patient transported to Ft. Wayne was in severe condition the other two have been treated and released.”

Carey says soon after they were able to contain the fire and step foot inside the home they noticed more damage. “Fire extending out of the first floor into the second floor and also exposure to a residential building to the south.”

Fire crews were called on scene around 10:30 Monday morning and as soon as they arrived they found a house completely in flames.

Now, a day later the home is noticeably damaged. “We are still confirming some of the initial findings and try to figure out what first ignited the fire,” says the chief.

On Monday ABC57 News talked to a woman who was both a victim and a hero when this fire happened and rumors have been going around that this might actually be drug related, but the fire chief says it’s just too soon to tell.

“That’s general talk, among neighbors; there are no facts just yet about that.”

A lot of factors play a role in determining the cause of this fire. The chief says damage can either interrupt their investigation or steer them in the right direction.

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