Vietnam vets share special connection to each other and wall

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Today is a highly anticipated day for a local group of Vietnam Veterans.

After a long bus ride to Washington DC, they will finally be getting the Welcome Home they’ve been waiting for at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

Three veterans have forged a special bond both on and off the battlefield and now they’ll be seeing the wall together.

Marine Corps Veteran Dave Guzicki said, "I served from 1964 October to September of 1968."

Army Veteran Dan Cichos served from October 1965 to September 1967.

Army Veteran Bob Berta served from Feb. 3 of 1966 to Jan. 22 1968.

They started as brothers-in-arms and now they're brothers-in-law.

Guzicki said, "I bet ya it might have been a good year until we actually realized that we all three had served time in Vietnam-- because back then, you didn't really talk about it that much, you know."

Berta and Cichos served in the same Army battalion.

"To me is it's like you got somebody to back you up---because there's three of us here--have a heck of a time getting off the couch as tight as we are," said Berta.

These three men are opening up about their experiences, helping each other get through difficult moments and they will be side by side at the wall along with 39 other veterans.

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