Vigil held for Culver teen

CULVER, Ind. --  Family and friends gathered at the Wesley Methodist Church in Culver to remember 16-year-old Stephen Suthard.

There was song, prayer and tears as the community of Culver remembered the teen.

“Stevie, we love you and I am so sorry,” said a friend.

“He would stick up for anyone,” said a friend.

Friends and family described the Suthard as a typical teenager who was bullied at school and got in a little trouble.

“He did some bad things, but he was not a bad kid.  He was a good kid just seeking people to hang out with,” said classmate and friend Wayne Young.

Young said he was shocked to hear the news of Suthard’s death.

“I was emotionally upset and all I did was cry,” said Young.

Young said he was even a bit frightened at the circumstances.

“No I never thought it would.  This is too small of a town for this to be happening,” said Young.

Young said he was not ready to lose his dear friend and he will miss playing basketball with him during free time at school.

“I love him like a brother and I wish I could just see him one more time,” said Young.

Culver High School students plan to wear all purple in honor of Stevie.  That was his favorite color.

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