Villa Macri to show highly anticipated boxing match

Villa Macri in Granger is one of very few venues showing Saturday's highly anticipated boxing match in the South Bend area.

Legendary boxers Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will face off in a match only available on Pay-Per-View.

“This is our first boxing event we've ever done. That's why some people are surprised, oh you're having it,” Jerry Macri, owner of Villa Macri said.

The match is expensive for bars to run, costing up to thousands for an average bar.

Macri doesn't even expect to make profit from his viewing party.

“My goal is to break even from the fight,” Macri said.

Many bars in the South Bend area chose not to show the match.

Mitch Zultanski, owner of Mitch's Corner Sports Bar, doesn't think it's financially worth it.

“To get a return on the investment, we would have to probably charge the cover charge, up the price on the drinks, and my customers believe in consistency,” Zultanski said.

Macri agrees that the price is steep.

“Promoters always think restaurants make all this money off this stuff, and they charge you an arm and a leg for it,” Macri said.

Tickets for the Villa Macri viewing party are $50 each.

The ticket includes food from a special buffet.
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