Walkerton residents and visitors react to Memories Pizza's statements

Many people took to the streets of Walkerton to share their opinions on the statements made by the owners of Memories Pizza. The public shared their opinions in interesting ways, not just by word of mouth but with signs and even passing out pizzas.

Split Single, a band from Chicago, traveled all the way to Michiana to serve pizzas from another joint that says they welcome everyone.

“Do you want some non-discriminatory pizza?” asked Jason Narducy, a member of the band. 

“The place down the block does not discriminate. So we bought $100 worth of pizza,” said Narducy. 

Walkerton is a small town under a big spotlight.

“This is a nice small town and it's a nice community and we don't need this stuff in this town just because someone has a different belief,” says Tonya Green, a lifelong Walkerton resident.  

Green stands up for the owners of Memories Pizza.

“They have a right for their belief and I have a right for my belief,” says Green. 

Around the corner John Garrett, owner of Garrett's Treasures, says those beliefs should not mix with business.

“It doesn't matter who you are or what you do in your own free time as long you spend money, you are a customer. You are a valued customer in our eyes,” says Garrett.

Garrett hung a sign in his store front letting everyone know they are welcome. The sign reads “We do not discriminate, if you are a customer, you are a valued customer. Please come again.”

“We don't care if you are pink, white, purple, orange it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you do in your own free time. If you are a homosexual or heterosexual it just doesn't matter," said Garrett.

Throughout town, both visitors and residents like Steven Zehner share Garrett's open attitude.

“No one has the right to discriminate,” says Zehner.
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