Wa-nee community schools debut new safety upgrades for the new school year

NOW: Wa-nee community schools debut new safety upgrades for the new school year


WAKARUSA, Ind.-- Parents, staff and students at Wa-nee Community Schools can expect to see new safety and security improvements across all district schools this school year.

With mass shootings on everyone’s minds, Wa-nee schools says these upgrades will help them stay ahead of any potential threats.

“High definition cameras throughout the entire school cooperation. Basically anywhere you would be in Wa-nee Community Schools, we got you on camera," said school resource officer, Skyler Garner.

This coming school year, Wa-nee Community Schools is prepared for the worst case scenario, and HD cameras are just the beginning.

“i’m primarily stationed here in Wa-nee Middle School to where officer Hershberger is at Northwood High School," said Garner.

Before the recently approved Wa-nee school safety referendum, the district only had one school resource officer paroling the entire district.

Now, the $1,000,000 dollar a year fund is giving room for that back-p and it doesn’t end there.

“We’re looking into certain films that will go over our glass to make sure that they’re bullet proof and shatter proof," said Garner.

In light of mass shootings we’ve seen at schools across the country, this is a way the school can stay one step ahead.

Physical safety isn’t the only area getting improvements for students, they’ve added on four mental health counselors which they believe is the foundation to well rounded safety.

“Definitely starting early gives us the opportunity help mold that child into a more compassionate a more empathetic and more caring citizen as they grow. If they belong and are a part of something they are less likely to behave in ways that are going to be in the long run detrimental to the whole school," said Wa-nee schools mental health counselor, Lindsey London.

“We’re homeowners and we pay taxes and so the tax money we spend we can see is being wisely used. I feel very confident with her being at school. I don’t worry about the kids, i don’t worry about their safety," said Mestach.

It's with the ongoing support of parents, the school corporation, and departments across Nappanee and Wakarusa, that the safety of the students of Wa-nee Community Schools will continue to be a top priority.

“i think that’s Wa-nee has going for them more than anything. We have a huge collaborative effort not only between the school cooperation but also within the community. So law enforcement, the town of Nappanee, the town of Wakarusa. Its sort of how we do things around here, it’s collaborative," said Wa-nee schools safety and transportation director, Amy Rosa.

Classes start next Tuesday across the Wa-nee school district.

As students get settled in, district officials say they’re going to start looking into implementing emergency response training program for all kids from kindergarten through 12.

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