Warm temps push peak fall color back again

NOW: Warm temps push peak fall color back again

As warm temperatures continue a week into October across Michiana, the window for fall activities seemingly shrinks with each passing day. 

The recent lack of sunshine combined with temperatures (especially at night) reaching levels 15-20 degrees above normal has forced Fall 2021 to hit pause once again.

Cooler temperatures break down chlorophyll in a tree, letting the chemicals that help change the color of leaves do their thing. But if temperatures stay too warm (especially at night), color is delayed and less vibrant.

With this blazing start to October, and with temperatures likely to remain well-above average through the middle of the month, our forecast for peak fall color across Michiana has been delayed. It now looks like we'll have to wait until Halloween to see "peak" color. 

Waiting that long means that a good amount of leaves will likely fall before they reach their most vibrant. 

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