Warming centers for South Bend residents in need

As temperatures plummet across Michiana, a warming center in South Bend offers men in need a safe and cozy place to stay.

“Project Warm” is a building on the 500 block of Michigan Street in South Bend dedicated to keeping people in need warm throughout the winter.

The building is run by nearby Hope Ministries, and it opens every single night between December 1st and March 31st from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.  

“There’s only 30 beds available, so first come, first serve for that,” Hope Ministries resident and worker Bill McGrath said. “And then, they gotta nice warm place to sleep for the night.”

Along with 30 beds and sets of sheets to sleep in, “Project Warm” offers its guests a snack, some TV time and any clothing or toiletry items they may need.

“A lot of them have no other place to go,” Hope Ministries resident and worker Kevin Pegues said. “We provide a clean, safe, warm area for them to sleep in.”

McGrath and Pegues said the warming center is filled to capacity every night.

Only men are allowed at “Project Warm.”

Women in need of a warm place to stay in South Bend can go to the Life Treatment Center at 1402 S. Michigan St.

And if men in need do not get a spot at “Project Warm,” they can also try the South Bend Center for the Homeless at 813 S. Michigan St. 

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