UPDATE: Baby bobcat that escaped Washington Park Zoo has been found

Washington Park Zoo


ORIGINAL: MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. -- Washington Park Zoo is asking for the public's help locating Grace, a nine-month-old bobcat who escaped from her exhibit enclosure and then the zoo sometime in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to a post shared on the zoo's Facebook page, Washington Park Zoo Director Jamie Huss asks that anyone who spots Grace not attempt to capture her. Instead, immediately report any sightings to the Michigan City Police Department’s non-emergency phone number at (219) 874-3221.

While Grace may look like she could be aggressive, Huss says she is a baby bobcat who poses no threat to humans.

“Grace is roughly the size of a large housecat,” said Huss. “Her prey would range from chipmunks to rabbits and smaller. We are concerned for her safety and have continued to set live traps and trail cameras in hopes of a sighting and recapture.”

Zoo staff realized Wednesday morning that Grace's sister, Hazel, was all alone in their enclosure. They immediately moved Hazel to a building for safe holding while they figure out how Grace escaped the enclosure. 

Grace and Hazel came to the zoo in December and have been housed in the enclosure since April.

“Like coyotes and foxes, bobcats are native to this area,” Huss said. “Due to her age and size, Grace will likely not be a threat to humans or most animals as long as she is left alone. Bobcats are quiet, secretive and active from dusk to night; and as with all wildlife, the natural response of a bobcat is to move away from humans.”

In addition to police, Michigan City Animal Control and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources are aware of the situation and ready to assist.

Huss says calls are being directed through the MCPD because the phones there are monitored 24/7.

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