Weekend travel, from the railways to the roads

NOW: Weekend travel, from the railways to the roads

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— If you have travel plans this weekend, you may want to reconsider, or at least give yourself extra time and preparation.

Especially if you’re heading through Laporte County, where warnings are in place.

ABC57s Jackie Bauer spoke with Jim Lopez, from St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency who broke down how they assess the conditions.

"Drive slow, you may run into white out conditions, especially in Laporte County, they are in the red, so just don’t tailgate, take your time and be very cautious as you drive,” he said.

But still, the dangerous roads, led Jackie Bauer to learn the hard way.

Sliding off US20 before a good Samaritan, Kenny, was able to help her out.

Which is why many travelers are choosing the train this weekend.

Amtrak and the South Shore Line are both running through the snow.

Mike Nolan, President of the South Shore Line, told ABC57 in an interview, riders should make sure to check the train status, and be prepared for delays.

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