What is and isn't closed during this government shutdown

NOW: What is and isn’t closed during this government shutdown


SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- This is now the 18th government shut down that the United States has had, since 1976.

In the two days since the closure, many Hoosiers have been asking the question, "well how does this affect me?"

With a spotlight shining on the closures, ABC57 News wanted to reiterate the agencies and services that will remain open throughout the shut down. 

Mail service will contiue.

About half a million postal service employees will not be furloughed, because they're self-funded.

All social security, medicaid, and unemployment benefits will be paid, if you're already receiving them.

Veterans will continue to have access to services provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

High risk recalls, and important inspections for meat, egg, and dairy products will continue.

The military will also continue to work to protect the country.  However, if the shut down continues past February, they may be working without pay. 

Air traffic controllers are also not furloughed, which means air traffic can continue as normal. 

For more information on how this shut down could affect you, click here

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