What it will take to overcome our ongoing drought?

The rainfall deficit since March 1, 2012 is approaching -5" ( as of 06/13/12) the local National Weather Service (NWS) has been tracking the latest 90 day drought statistics here.

To overcome or at least improve the drought over the summer we'll need to exceed the normal rainfall for summer of 11.68"( see table below) with at least  +2" to make any significant improvement ,+5 to go form deficit into the black. However already being  -1.41" in the middle of June isn't boding well so far. 

So to at least improve our drought we'll need 13.68" by the end of summer, 16.68" to overcome the deficit entirely. 

Summer Historic Rainfall (Inches)
  AVG Record Max Record Min
June 4.19 10.86 (1993) 0.48 (1988)
July 3.73 8.66 (2006) 0.02 (1946)


3.76 8.88 (2007) 0.32 (1950)
Totals 11.68



 While it is possible to have a wet July and August, the long range forecast doesn't point towards anything of significance. " EC" Equal chances means there are equal chances for above or below normal rainfall through August. 

More important is that we see rainfall sooner rather than later as it would do little help for this years growing season after crops have wilted. 

The next sign of rain is not until the middle of next week (6/20/12).

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