When can you expect the first snowfall?

Sleet, flurries and snow all have to creep back into our vocabulary now that November is almost here.  This leaves many people anxious, wondering when our first official snowfall will occur.

According to the National Weather Service, it may be earlier than you had thought.  The NWS classifies the first "measurable" snowfall to be 0.1" of snow or greater.  The average date that we see "measurable" snowfall is November 8th.  As for the first snowfall of an inch or greater, the average date for that event is November 16th.  

This does not mean that we will see snow on those dates.  However, what it does mean is that as we get further into the month of November, the likelihood for snow to occur increases as the temperatures decrease closer to (or below) freezing.

In the meantime, get your snow boots ready and check out the rest of the snowfall statistics gathered from the National Weather Service in the two images to the right.
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