Where to get Paczki this Fat Tuesday before it's too late

ELKHART, Ind. -- Today is Fat Tuesday, the day for all of those who observe lent to eat to their hearts desires before giving up their favorite foods for 40 days.

Arguably the best way to celebrate the holiday is by snacking on Paczki, a Polish donut made from deep fried dough and some kind of sweet filling. Rise‘n Roll Bakery is a great location for all your pastry needs with 14 franchise locations across the state.

Rise’n Roll is well known for its Amish roots and, of course, its tasty treats, especially the cinnamon caramel donut. It won the award of America’s Fan Favorite Donut in 2022, and is among many other awards the bakery has won.

In a typical season, the business sells nearly 50,000 Paczki with about 15,000 of those sold on Fat Tuesday alone. Paczki are made daily with each pastry hand fried and sold fresh.

Available flavors include blueberry, apple, Bavarian cream, lemon, cherry, and strawberry. A single Paczek at the Elkhart location is $2.19, but you can also buy a half dozen for $12.49 or a dozen for $22.99. Keep in mind, pricing may be different based on location.

If you are not a big fan of Paczki, Rise‘n Roll has many other options including donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pies, and much more! You can find more information about Rise‘n Roll on its website.

The Rise‘n Roll in Elkhart is open until 5 p.m., but when it comes to making sure you get a Paczek this year, the earlier the better! When a location is out of Paczki, it won't have any more available until next February.

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