Whirlpool to add on to its Benton Harbor downtown campus

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Whirlpool will add onto its downtown campus in Benton Harbor.

The company showed ABC 57 the plans for the wing on Monday.

Because the new construction is being built along the St. Joseph River, huge beams have to be used to stabilize the structure.

And that this is not the only construction Whirlpool is doing.

The old headquarters are getting renovated and a vacant factory is being turned into a technology center.

"There's a continuous reinvestment into the community," Lee Utke of Whirlpool said. "We've been here 100 years and with the community's support we hope to be here another 100 years."

Whirlpool is spending more than $800 million on the renovation project.

The second of third wings will be done in about a year.

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