Windy Saturday; mild temperatures this weekend

NOW: Windy Saturday; mild temperatures this weekend


The threat from this early morning’s storms is over, and now we can enjoy mild weather this weekend. Be aware there could still be some ponding over roads and river levels could be increased from rain overnight.

Skies clear to mostly sunny this afternoon. There are a few isolated showers around noon, but most should stay dry the rest of the day. Temperatures won’t increase much, reaching a high of 76 this afternoon. Humidity is low—it will feel comfortable outdoors. It is going to be windy today with wind 10-15 miles per hour. Gusts could reach 20-25 miles per hour. The red flag will fly at Lake Michigan—do not go for a swim today. Waves build to 5-8 feet tall this afternoon.

The wind settles down tonight, but there will still be some dangerous swim conditions Sunday with a yellow flag. Sunday is mostly sunny with a high of 76.

 The week starts dry with daytime high temperatures around 80 degrees. Midweek looks a little unsettled, with the best chance for showers Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

 Today: Mostly sunny. Breezy. High 76.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 56. 

Sunday: Sunny. High 76. 
Monday: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy. High 80.

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