Winter Classic tailgate fundraiser helps South Bend woman battling cancer

NOW: Winter Classic tailgate fundraiser helps South Bend woman battling cancer

NOTRE DAME, Ind.-- A Blackhawks fan came up with a unique way to raise money for a South Bend woman recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Shaving and waxing in 32 degree weather, all for a good cause.

“I shaved my head one night, and learned about my breast cancer. He said i'm going to do the same thing and took it a step even further than I could’ve," said Sarah Szucs.

Szucs says while the prognosis was good, treatment will be extensive. Even with health insurance, she will still have at least $20,000 dollars in out of pocket expenses..

“For $2,500 he’d shave his head. At $7,500 he’d wax his chest. At $17,500 he’ll do a full Brazilian,” said Szucs.

“Some came off, it did not feel good," said Ryan Rieff. 

But what did feel good is the reason why you’re doing this?

"Absolutely," answered Reiff.

So far, their GoFundMe campaign has raised over $10,000 dollars, but when they finally reach their goal of $17,500 dollars, there will be one more incentive left to do.

“A Brazilian wax is still on the line, and I don’t want that to happen, but that would be great for Sarah!”

That's the very support that's making it a little easier for Szucs and her family.

"You are strong enough, you can do this with one person or a million people behind you,” said Szucs.

“Cancer sucks but it’s something that if you stay positive you can get through, you can beat, and we’re doing that together,” said Jefferey Szucs, Sarah's husband.

The Szucs' still have a little ways to go to get to their goal. If you want to contribute to their campaign, click here.

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